Friday, January 11, 2013

Granulation & inlay

I have to say I'm so happy today!!

I finally set a bench at home and can start my own work this week! Even still missing lots of main tools... Only a table ha! :P

Also today I did 2 tests successfully so that can help a lot for my future pieces.

Here the first and sec. pictures are my 925 silver granulation test. And the last is 24K gold leaf inlay silver test.

If anyone wants to know the details about how to make them just let me know. I'm free to share all these informations. :)

I'm pretty satisfied with the inlay one, it shows the real gold color with more naturally painting pattern, gold won't fall off by brass brushing, scratching , rolling mill, acid, firing etc... Cause it just stays inside of silver! Unlike gold leaf gluing, and compare with solder a gold sheet it's much lower cost than you thought!! :D

Anyways! Have a good weekend folks! I'm pretty tired now need a nap ^_^ see ya! Xxxx

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