Sunday, January 13, 2013

Electric etching

Well I'm new about etching, so when I call the jewelry tools supplier I have been warned very seriously how dangerous it is and how the environment need to be handled ...

I have to say it was a bit scary. But is there any simply way to do it? We are living in 21st century and the techniques for our life (specially like computer, phone, tv, housewares etc.) all become more and more convenient, smaller and handy.. Can't we find a solution for etching too?

So I did some research and I have to say I should thanks to my high school chemistry teacher educated me a little that time as well.

Here is what I made for my simple electric etching kit: very simple!!

Two 9V battery, stereo wire, clips, a broken stainless steel spoon( make sure you annealed any coat in it), nail polish, wire tape, water, aquarium salt, a glass bowl and silver..

I put 1tea spoon sea salt and 1tea spoon aquarium salt in about 300ml water, then clip the battery and clip on metal on the other side: positive end for the metal you want to etching.

And it just starts!! For a while you will see the silver covered by clouds, don't move it until the end, otherwise it will be hard to peel off later.

I just did some simple drawing for testing. If you want nice hand drawing can cover the surface with nail polish after it dried use a scriber to draw your pattern and scratch off the cover. You should cover the place you want to make it higher

And I use heat gun to speed up dry the coat. Sorry about my drawings... But anyways this is my first etching testing kit for indoor! 1-2hrs is enough to create a nice depth!

Hope you guys like it, I will continue to experiment different jewelry techniques! :D

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